Advertising on “MINEX Russia” website

Company logos must be submitted in vector (or raster) format. Profile length should not exceed 150 words in English and Russian (if available). Web banner advertising is available (please enquire). See. Technical requirements



Full Page Advertisement in the Forum Catalogue

Full page advertisement in the forum catalogue. See. Technical requirements



Banner Presentation

Banner presenter option includes use of space for placing on 9 and 10 October a roll-up banner (no wider than 1.5 m) in the area connecting exhibition halls. The option excludes admission to the Forum and opportunity to present at the Forum.



Inserts in the Delegate Bags

Cost includes placement of the inserts (produced by advertiser) in 500 delegate bags. All inserts must be submitted to bag packers in Moscow before 14 September 2019 in accordance with the technical specifications.



Onscreen Advertising

Advertising on the Forum screens during intervals.
Video clip (one show) – $ 450
Video clip (two shows) – $ 800
Video clip (both days of broadcast) – $ 1500

$450 – 1500

Advertising Booking

All advertisements and inserts must be submitted before 17 September 2019 in accordance with the technical specifications.

Technical Requirements