The Russian mining industry has much to be proud of and deserves greater recognition for its contribution to the country’s economic growth, jobs creation, and development of best practices in the responsible management of planet’s largest wealth of natural resources.


Established in 2007 by MINEX Russia Forum the Russian Mining Excellence Award has become “the Russian Mining Oscar”. Participation in the Awards nominations is FREE and open to Russian and International companies. The Award finalists and winners will be announced at the Russian Mining Excellence Awards Gala Dinner on 10 October. All finalists will receive diplomas. The winners will also receive the handmade bronze sculpture of a Miner set on the semiprecious stone plinth and metal plated plaque. 


The award’s unbiased independent committee consisting of the group of seasoned mining professionals helps to access proposed nominations and determine the most outstanding achievements and projects. 



Description: For outstanding achievements in the field of geological exploration in Russia. 

Nominee: Companies, organisations. 

Evaluation criteria: Achievements in the period between the current and previous MINEX Russia Forums that allowed to significantly renew the mineral resource base and increase reserves (including the discovery of new deposits) confirmed by the GKZ or in accordance with international standards of the CRIRSCO group. 


Description: For the successful implementation of a mining and / or processing project in Russia. 

Nominee: Companies, organisations. 

Evaluation criteria: Successful (large scale and effective) implementation of a mining or mineral/metals processing project in Russia in the period between current and previous MINEX Russia forums. 


Description: Large-scale investment in mining projects in Russia. 

Nominee: Banks and funds which finance mining investment projects and M&A deals in Russia. 

Evaluation criteria: Large-scale financing of third-party mining projects (that were not earlier owned by the company) and effective organisation of investment financing of a major project at an early stage and/or in a high-risk environment. The valuation takes also into account total investments raised/provided between current and previous MINEX Russia forums. 


Description: For the successful implementation of a professional development, education and/or training project in the Russian mining industry. 

Nominee: A company or an organisation (mining, exploration and service companies, and other educational institutions). 

Evaluation criteria: Implementation of a project related to professional/advanced development, education and/or training of mining personnel between current and previous MINEX Russia Forums that led to significant improvements in the professional and qualification levels of company staff and university graduates. 


Description: For the implementation of projects in the mining industry, which have a significant positive impact on the development of the company’s management systems and society. 

Nominee: Companies, organisations. 

Evaluation criteria: Development and implementation of outstanding Socially Responsible Mining projects between current and previous MINEX Russia forums.  

– information openness and transparency; 

– contribution to the development of the social policy of the company and the region; 

– implementation of charity and sponsorship programs. 


Description: Introduction of breakthrough technological, technical or organisational solutions which greatly improved the efficiency of mining or processing. 

Nominee: Companies, organisations. 

Evaluation criteria: The introduction of new technical and technological solutions in the Russian mining industry between current and previous MINEX Russia Forums. Nominations may be awarded to two companies – a service company (developer) and mining company (implementer). 


Description: For a major personal contribution to the development of Russia’s mining and geological industry. 

Eligible nominee: Managers, scientists and employees of companies, organisations and government agencies. 

Evaluation criteria: Exceptional and widely recognised personal contribution to the development of the mining and geological industry in Russia/CIS. 

* Due to a sensitive nature of this Award category the nomination is determined by the Awards Committee’s private vote 


Description: For the successful implementation of the projects aimed at significant improvement of environmental safety and reduction of mining footprint on environment. 

Nominee: Companies, organisations. 

Evaluation criteria: Successful implementation of the project between current and previous MINEX Russia Forums in the field of social environmental and industrial safety in the mining sector. 

The terms of participation:

  • Participation in the competition is FREE.
  • The competition is open to the Russian and International companies operating in the mining industry in the Russian Federation.
  • The company / individual can apply for nominations in no more than 3 categories.
  • Applications must be submitted through the forum website no later than 10 September 2019.
  • Full information on the rationale for the nomination (an explanatory note of no more than 5 pages) should be sent to the Award Committee no later than 15th September 2019.
  • Evaluation of the applications is carried out by an Independent Award Committee.
  • The Competition Committee select 3 finalists and 1 one winner for each nomination category.
  • The announcement of the Finalists and the Winner will be held in a festive atmosphere at the Gala dinner on 10 October 2019.
  • Finalists will be awarded honorary diplomas. The winners will be awarded diplomas and bronze miner statuettes.
  • 01.07 – 10.09.2019– Submission of nomination applications 
  • 01.07 – 15.09.2019– Submission of additional information requested by the Awards Committee 
  • 10.09 – 25.09.2019– Selection of the nominees 
  • 25.09 – 30.09.2019– Evaluation and selection of the finalists 
  • 01.10 – 05.10.2019– Winner selection
  • 10.10.2019– Awards ceremony at the Gala Dinner 
  1. Mikhail Sivkov, Director, SRK Consulting, Chairman of the TC No. 2019
  2. Boris Yatsenko, Partner, Head of the Services Group for Mining and Metallurgical Companies in Russia and CIS, EY
  3. Andrey Tverdov, Technical Director, IMC Montan
  4. Roman Schetinsky, Head of Strategy and Investment Department, GV Gold / Highest
  5. Alexander Lopatnikov, Managing Director, AAR
  6. Mikhail Leskov, Deputy General Director for Business Development, Institute of Geotechnology
  7. Vadim Petrov, Vice-Rector, MGU-MISIS
  8. Alexey Lazarev, Deputy. Head of the Department of Metals of the TPI Reserves Department, GKZ
  9. Kirill Pristansky, Vice President for Engineering, Polyus Gold
  10. Julia Boyko,CEO, ALS Chita Laboratory 
  11. Daria Goncharova, Chief Sustainability Officer, Polymetal
  12. Vladimir Zhosan, Chief Engineer, ID Engineering

Russian Mining Excellence Award Winners 2018

The Russian Mining Excellence Awards ceremony, honouring the best social achievements and technologies in mining and exploration, was held on 4 October 2018 at the finale of the 14th MINEX Russia Forum in Moscow.

The GEOLOGICAL EXPLORATION PROJECT OF THE YEAR award was presented to GDK Baimskaya for over 100k lm exploration drilling at the Peschanka copper-porphyry deposit in 2015-2018, securing the double increase in proven deposits of sulphide ore from 3.4 million tons to 6.4 million tons, with 70% classified in categories В + С1.

The MINING PROJECT OF THE YEAR Award went to Nordgold on recognition of the field Gross launch in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to produce 12 mln tons of ore and approximately 230,000 ounces of gold annually for the next 17 years.

The INVESTMENT PROJECT OF THE YEAR Award was given to Kolmar for the most extensive investments in the total of 150 bn rubles at MPC Denisovsky, MPC Inaglinsky and the seaport, with 35 bn rubles spent on the realization of the plans since the beginning 2017.

The HR PROJECT OF THE YEAR Award was granted to Polymetal International Plc for the publication of the world’s best-sellers on mining in Russian translation to upgrade professional level in the mining industry.

The SCR PROJECT OF THE YEAR Award went to AGD DIAMONDS for the implementation of modern environmentally friendly technologies and equipment, social support and charity in Arkhangelsk region.

The BREAKTHROUGH DECISION OF THE YEAR Award went also to AGD DIAMONDS for introducing new machinery in bulldozer ripping and excavation and broadening the existing technology by a set of tools alternative to blasting related to the surface kimberlite and tuffite mining at the Grib Mine in Arkhangelsk region.

The MINING LEGEND Award was presented to V. I. Tarakanovskiy, Russian Gold Prospectors’ Union Board Chairman.

The Mining Excellence Award was established in 2007 by MINEX Russia Forum and become “The Russian Mining Oscar”. The board of the experts selecting nominees and winners consisted of leading mining professionals.