Machines and Equipment

GeoscaLtd develops, produces and applies a wide variety of unmanned aerial systems. Every system is integrity of industrial-grade UAV and a software kit for data processing and analysis. Our products are used for aerial photography, monitoring, geodesy, magnetic survey, as well as urban development 

Geoscan's UAVs are equipped with digital cameras and precise GPS/GLONASS receivers. By processing the acquired data, our software is capable of creating ortho-mosaic, altitude matrix, digital terrain and elevation models (DTM/DEM). Geoscan 401 Geophysics is a quadcopter equipped with quantum magnetometer, which was specially designed for high resolution and noise-free data.  

With high level of automation, Geoscan UAVs can participate in large-scale survey missions with little effort from the operator. Each system can be easily transported in handy protective case. 

Geoscan establishes full spectrum of services in aerial photography, data processing and analysis not only for privately held companies, but also for entire cities and regions. We have extensive experience in foreign markets and have resellers in 12 countries. Moreover, our software is widely-used in professional community and is exported to 130 countries. Our experience and constant race for perfection help us work with customers all over the world. 

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