Exploration Services

Ozernaya Mining Company manages a balanced package of assets - the Ozernoye, Nazarovskoye, Ermakovskoye, Talinskoye deposits, and also implements a project to develop the Ozernoye ore area.
The company specialises in developing green-field projects from the “zero” stage. Presently the holding carries out exploration activities, conducts field development and construction of modern mining and metallurgical production complexes using its own energy and transport infrastructure.
The main mining project of the company is the Ozernoye deposit in the Republic of Buryatia (Russian Federation). Ozernoye is one of the top ten zinc deposits in the world in terms of reserves and quality of ores. The resource potential of the Ozerninsky ore cluster is 194 million tons of ore.
The company's objective is to become one of the leaders in the mining and metallurgical industry, a responsible manufacturer and supplier of polymetals to the international markets. The company's strategy is aimed at the integrated use of ores and processing of extracted raw materials. One of the priorities for improving the project’s effectiveness is to reduce the amount of rock mass in the quarry by tightening the final position of the side of the quarry.

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