Royal IHC (IHC) is a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and mining markets. We have a history of providing reliable solutions for the most difficult maritime challenges from sea level to ocean floor and sustainable life-cycle support from sites and offices on every continent. 

IHC Mining, part of IHCprovides the mining industry with high-quality equipment and engineering services. For any phase in the mining life cycle, we offer innovative solutions, fully tailored to specific commodity requirements. We have a proven track record of solutions for mineral sands, tailings rehabilitation, oil sands, gold, diamonds, tin and other commodities. With more than a century of experience in the mining sector, our expertise includes wet mining, slurry transportation, materials handling and mineral processing solutions. Our in-house consulting team advises clients on the development, as well as operational and performance improvement of their mining projects. 

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