Continental offers digital systems and services for monitoring and protecting conveyor belts, custom-made financial capabilities and individual solutions in a pay-per-ton format. As well as the CONTI 360 ° service offer – for conveyor systems; conveyor belt focus, belt management, analyse and maintenance. At the workshop on October 8, Continental representatives will present their digital and financial solutions and talk about modern systems for managing and monitoring the operation of industrial tires in the mining industry.



Continental Digital & Financial Solutions for conveyors

Dr. Andrey Minkin,
Head of Project & Engineering office,
Continental ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group

Modern systems of control and management of industrial tires operation in the mining industry.

Mikhail Zenochkin,
Area Sales Manager,
Continental Tires RUS

CONTI 360° – service offer

Thomas Neumann,
Head of Sales,

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