The first conference on digital transformation of the Russian mining and metallurgical industry “Mining Goes Digital” will be held on 10 October in Moscow as part of the 15th Mining and Exploration Forum MINEX Russia.

The conference is organised with the support of the Digital Laboratory of Norilsk Nickel, IBM Eastern Europe & Asia and K-Mine.

Pre-registration of the conference participants ends on 4 October

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Competing in the Digital Age

The digital economy is growing two and a half times faster than global GDP. According to experts, by 2025 it will reach 23% of global GDP or about $ 23 trillion USD. In 2017, the “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” program was adopted in Russia aimed at transforming the legal, technological, organisational and financial aspects of economy to increase the country’s competitiveness. According to the World Bank 2018 report, digitalisation of key Russian industries, such as mining and processing, lags behind in comparison with the jurisdictions where mining plays key role in the economic output.

Recently, the leading economic Forums in Russia have been actively discussing the possibilities of a qualitative leap in the mining sector (which makes up 27% in industry-wide production) through the introduction of digital technologies. The leaders of the largest mining and metallurgical companies in Russia directly connect the use of digital technologies for maintaining competitive advantage and ensuring sustainable development.

Creating “smart” digitally driven mining will be the main tool for bringing companies to a whole new level of productivity. The development of Industry 4.0 technologies will create a fundamentally new form of interaction between Russian miners and Global markets. The implementation of digital tools is expected to transform a whole range of processes, including end-to-end automation of production, deployment of unmanned and robotic equipment, improving maintenance efficiency, monitoring and management of industrial safety, optimisation of cargo transportation and logistics, gathering, storing processing and interpretation of big data and many others.

Mining Goes Digital Conference – what to expect?

The conference will present advanced International and Russian experience of digital transformation in the mining and extractive industries.

At the sessions organised by MMC Norilsk Nickel leading experts will share their experience in implementing digital technologies in production and will present the ORTUS marketplace of digital solutions.

Business cases of digital transformation

Partners of the Norilsk Nickel digital laboratory will present business cases:

– Construction of a digital platform in capital construction – Gazpromneft Terminal

– UAV Practice for Infrastructure Project Management – Sarex

– Aeromonitoring – Gazpromneft Terminal

– Intelligent methods of uranium mining based on modelling of optimal regimes of SPW – JSC Atomredmetzoloto

– Industry 4.0 at MMK – MMK

– Personnel monitoring at the construction site – Gazpromneft-Alternative Fuel

Smart investments in smart technologies 

The costs of the introduction of new mining technologies are usually very high and involve the replacement of equipment and software, the integration of new technologies in existing production, staff training and re-training, maintenance, etc. How to choose the right technology, how to avoid costly mistakes, how to minimise the costs and evaluate the economic benefits of introducing digital technologies into existing production, how to ensure “digital security” of production, what are the most promising areas for blockchain technology in the mining industry? Practical answers and examples of addressing these issues will be presented at the “Maximising the Return on Investment in Digital Technologies” session with the participation of experts from IBM Eastern Europe / Asia, KPMG, Nordgold, Highland Gold Mining, Hammer Rus and Kamni Consulting.

Digital mine 

Innovative computer and cloud technologies for managing mineral extraction processes and improving production and economic indicators will be presented at the session “Smart mining enterprise: innovative technologies and practices”. Supported by K-Mine the session will feature case presentations from Norilsk Nickel, Indurad / talpasolutions, Newtraks Rus, Motion Metrics and Vostochanya Tehnika.

Digital automation and monitoring systems

The conference will conclude with a session at which the leaders of the automation departments of Thermo Techno Group, Sandvik Mining and Construction CIS, K-MINE,  Seequent and Newtraks Rus will present their experience in implementing automation and monitoring systems in mining.

At the end of the conference, the Vernadsky State Geological Museum will present a platform for open access to data from the Russian natural science museums and will demonstrate its potential for digital analysis and data processing for solving geological problems.

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